Fillers are used in manufacturing for filling liquids, gels, or other viscous materials into a bottle, can, or a container such as a pouch. There are also dry mix fillers (flour, sugar, etc) that use an auger or agitator. Fillers come in a variety of types, but we are most familiar with the in-line and rotary (filling valve) types. Rotary fillers are the fastest and can bottle anywhere from 20 bottles a minute to over 1000 bottles a minute. Liquid fillers are typically installed with a Capper or a Crowner downstream from them.

A capper installs a cap on top of a bottle, whereas a crowner/seamer will install a top on a can. The machine speeds of a capper or crowner are synchronized with that of the filler. The fillers we have installed have been used in the food and beverage (beer, water, wine, juice, soup, liquor, soft drinks), medical (liquid medicine, inhalers, natural remedies like aloe vera, etc), cosmetics (shampoo, creams, lotions) and the pharmaceutical (eye drops) manufacturing industries. Although we can install any manufacturers equipment the brands we are most familiar with are Krones, Fogg, Simonazzi, KHS, Torr, and Accutek, Comac, and Cleveland.