A palletizer and a depalletizer are relatively the same piece of equipment, but they work backwards from the other. A palletizer is on most occasions the last piece of equipment in the production line process. Sometimes, there is an additional piece of equipment, called a Stretchwrapper, that straddles pallet conveyors downstream from the discharge of a palletizer. A palletizer is a machine that provides automatic means of stacking cases of goods or products onto a pallet with multiple levels. The infeed can be controlled with conveyors that divert the product into lanes with continuous motion flow, or with a robotic arm.

A depalletizer works just the opposite of a palletizer, because it unloads product containers that have been palletized onto a mass conveyor. An example of this is when a manufacturer bottles or cans a product. They are in the manufacturing business for their product, not to manufacture the cans or bottles.

Therefore, semi-trailers bring the palletized bottles/cans to the manufacturer's facility and they are loaded onto pallet conveyors which feed the depalletizer. A depalletizer will unload one level at a time until the palletized unit is completely unloaded, and then will start the sequence over again for the next one. Alvey, Busse, ABC, Columbia, and ABB Automation are all manufacturers we have installed on past projects.